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What is Digital Visiting Card Or Miniwebsite | डिजिटल विजिटिंग कार्ड या मिनीवेबसाइट क्य1 है?

Creating a digital visiting card or mini website is a great way to showcase your professional skills and make a lasting impression on potential clients or employers. Define your purpose: Before you start creating your digital visiting card or mini website, think about your purpose and what you want to achieve. What information do you want to share? Who is your target audience?

Here are steps to help you create the card:

  • 1. Type in your browser or copy this URL and open this. After clicking on this user you can see there our platform.
  • 2. How to Signup: please go to the Customer login page, Click on New User. To create An Account, After successful signup, you can see the User Dashboard and click on Create New Card.
  • 3. Type Your Business or Company Name: After click on the Create New Card you can you can type here your business e or company name, after the name click on the submit & Next button
  • 4. Select the design of your card: Choose a template design that represents you and your brand. This includes selecting a color scheme and layout with a beautiful color.
  • 5. Company Details: Select the chosen file to upload a logo in png or jpg format. 

Company Details

  • If you have a business tag line so Type your Business Tag Line
  • Type your First and Last Name
  • Type Your Position in the Company (Director, CEO, Manager, Executive, etc.)
  • Enter your contact number
  • Enter any other contact number
  • Enter your WhatsApp number
  • Full Business Address
  • If you have any website so please mention or type it here
  • Company/Business/Firm Started the year
  • Write briefly about related to your business, your education, your skills, and your contact information in the About section.
  • If you have any pdf (Optional) so you can upload after that click on the Next 3
  • Social Media Links- (Optional): If you have any social media profile so you can enter here like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube.
  • Youtube Video Links (Optional): If you want to improve your business with videos so you can enter here your business youtube
  • video link and max 5 videos you can enter, if you don't have a youtube video so kindly connect with us we can upload your
  • video in our youtube channel to more traffic. then click on the Next 4
  • Payment Options (Optional): if you want to update your payment details so please enter them here:
  • Paytm Number/Google Pay Number/Phone Pay Number
  • Bank Details (Bank Name, Account Holder Name, Account Number, IFSC Code, Select Saving Account/ Current Account)
  • You can also upload QR Code in the png or jpg format and then click on the next 5 button

Product & Service

  • Add a Title, image, and content that showcases your business information, and product information. This may include images and to make your digital visiting card or mini website more engaging. You can upload a maximum of 40 pieces of product/business information.
  • E-commerce/Order (Optional): if you want to sell the online products so you can upload all product information:
  • Product Name - MRP - Product Selling Price - Tax Rate On Product
  • Image Gallery: You can upload a maximum of 20 images in the gallery that will be shown in your Digital Visiting Card/Mini Website
  • Preview Card: You can check your all information in the preview.

Click on the Home Page button in the menu, and you can see where your card id, and company name, in the right side of the company name please click on the icon to open your live URL.
This card will expire within 7 Days without payment, For better engagement kindly make a payment.
Share your digital visiting card or mini-website: Share your digital visiting card or mini-website with your network and potential clients or employers. Add it to your email signature, social media profiles, and business cards.
By following these steps, you can create a professional and engaging digital visiting card or mini website that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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